Lovers in Anime

1. ]   couple on elevated trains. In hot springs. Libraries.
        Apartments lit by the Ferris wheel on the plaza.

2. ]   Sakuras splice with birds alighting: a montage
        of petals and a round-mouthed O.

3. ]   The person you loved will lead you
        to Hamada City or the bamboo
        whitened by snow.

4. ]   Windchimes remind you of the shore.

5. ]   Simple equations, but also the way a girl’s pink hair
        satins through your palm.

6. ]   Places you meet turn semaphore:
        the tree a shrine blackened by fire.

7. ]   Women as half-demons / half-gods.
        School festivals. Texture of red bean paste.

8. ]   Swords hidden in a tea-length dress.

9. ]   If one of you bears witness, the other will haul
        you back from the precipice.

10. ] Vending machine tea solves nothing,
        but treat it like a balm.

11. ] For every azalea or water wheel, for every courtyard,
        every alley crosshatched, someone waits
        to confess.

12. ] The Golden Mean does not apply to bodies.
        Eyes span larger distances and breasts
        point perpendicular to the ground.

13. ] Train copper strips around pine: bonsai
        grow in glazed ceramic.

14. ] Hoshino. Yumi. Aiko. Whatever your name,
        only the suffix (-san or –chan) matters
        on a lover’s tongue.

15. ] If you never admit it, the one you love
        loves someone else who loves the person
        that loves you back.

16. ] Ground you claim, cutting clusters
        of sunburned weeds, divining patterns
        on the smooth backs of stones—

17. ] The storm drain clouding with letters.

18. ] Graduation: swift bravura, heel turns.
        The talcum odor.

19. ] Something trails out of limelight. The violin strums.

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