Information Kiosk

My shadow will kill your shadow, reader.
Someone has set up an impossibly complex domino thing
at the mall which makes buying shorts
even more tedious than usual.
But, they have everything at the mall, reader!
They have pet massagers.
They have specialty tea.
They have automatic masturbating pants.
They have dominos.
So get out there and consume, reader!
Do it! I said do it!
Stop reading this! Go to the mall! DO IT!
Fine, don’t do it. Watch the local news for all I care.
I think it’s the best show on.
When I watch it, I always imagine tension
between the lead guy and the sports guy.
Like, they banter, but it’s so clear they hate each other.
When I watch the local news, I always imagine sexual tension
between the lead guy and the lead girl.
Like, they secretly want each other, but are forced
to remain professional.
Tonight, on action news at nine,
walnuts may kill you! We’ll tell you how right after this.
The shadow of a walnut is a baby fist,
the inside of a walnut is a baby shadow, the inside of a baby
is a walnut fist. I no longer drink milk because it reminds me
of clouds, blossoming like white coloring
in a glass of water. Like blood
in a glass of water. Like water in a glass of blood.
Look, in the sky, all those people are dying.

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