Confession Cam

You can give a monkey a manicure,
but it still won’t order steak tartar.
I should know.
If reality television
taught me anything,
it taught me
Or spelling.
I must have learned something.
They weighed me.
They gave me the home edition.


I stay thirsty
by holding a water bottle
an inch from my lips.

When rain begins to fall,
I know enough
to bite my tongue.

The camel, viewed from
the perfect angle,
is a graceful animal.

In a serious game
of Scrabble, don’t use
an S impulsively.

A shock of cartoon
lightning strikes me
mid-rain, mid-game,

before I can earn
any points
for spelling QUENCH.

Super Vision

I need super vision.
Then, when I see
what you’re up to,
I’ll do something
truly terrible.
They’ll lock me up,
and I’ll lift weights
and learn Italian
and train pigeons.
I’ll have a punch called
“The Widowmakermaker.”
When the guards
aren’t watching,
I’ll stare at the cell wall
until it melts.
I’ll stare at the whole world
until it rewinds.

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