Furthermore and So On

You’re basically
a big deal if
the right person says
you are. He hands you
the keys and a wink
and a last-ditch car.
You drive off free,
leaving that town
in the rearview,
some profound nuisance
of a song draining
the radio. You blow
a kiss to the founder’s
statue and to the mannequins
hid out day and night
in the clothing shop
windows. They know
—they’ve always known
but have never said
one failsafe word.
Naked or clothed,
scarved, starved,
like you they stared past
everything, aloof, bored.

Rifts Between Opposites Beginning to Heal

Now that I have your attention, might I suggest sitting a while,
thinking of nothing.
You’re not under the impression, are you, the mustard seed can do anything without you?
One can travel a long way
to reach rooms full of distance and cramped conversations.


This far along I’ve about decided nothing can be measured,
not even a breath.
The way one person bends to assist another could be this world’s undoing.
Idea, if you’d be so kind to help us along
in this impoverishment.


Having opened the book, she said,
the first word she saw was transformation.
No, unsubscribing from your own thoughts, at least right now, is not an option.
Everywhere memory looks,
there are fragments of easels in discarded heaps.


Is this the moment all the rifts that exist between opposites
begin to heal?

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